With International Health Coach University’s dedication to advancing wellness and the Institute for Integrative Nutrition’s role in shifting health care, the natural affiliation between the two has matured into a highly collaborative and beneficial partnership.

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International Association for Health Coaches (IAHC) is an organization dedicated to supporting the professional development and advancement of Health Coaches globally. As the world’s largest alliance of Health Coaches and wellness professionals, IAHC works to position Health Coaches as an integral part of an emerging preventative health care model.


International Health Coach University has assessed IAHC’s certification process and found it’s evaluation of prior learning to be synonymous with that of IHCU’s curriculum. As a result, IHCU has partnered with IAHC to incorporate their exam for acceptance of prior learning into our curriculum. Student’s are expected to pass this exam prior to admission but not later than the beginning of their second trimester. For more information about IAHC, please see their website