Institute for Integrative Nutrition

Welcome Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) Graduates and Students! With International Health Coach University’s dedication to advancing wellness and the Institute for Integrative Nutrition’s role in shifting health care, the natural affiliation between the two has matured into a highly collaborative and beneficial partnership. We are pleased to announce that the two organizations have now entered into a formal academic articulation agreement beginning soon.

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Read here for more information on IIN’s Health Coaching program:

Overview of the Articulation Agreement

IHCU, as a new graduate school, has carefully reviewed all aspects of IIN’s Health Coach Training Program curriculum and assessment processes. We have determined that IIN graduates have met the learning outcomes consistent with selected classes in our master’s degree and qualify for advanced standing.

What this Articulation Agreement Means for You

As an IIN graduate with a bachelor’s degree, you will be eligible to apply for our master’s program and will be “exempt” from twelve credits of the IHCU coursework. The IHCU master’s degree can be completed entirely online. Earning advanced standing requires certification from the International Association of Health Coaches. Certification is earned through examination.

Master of Science degree in Health Coaching with a concentration in Applied Nutrition

Continue your study of health coaching with a strong foundation in contemporary science and evidence based applied nutrition. Our program considers the physiological, psychological, psychosocial, and cultural aspects of health coaching, food and healing.

12 credits applied to your advanced standing:

  • HC 500: Health and Nutrition I – 3 Trimester Credits
  • HC 510: Wellness – 3 Trimester Credits
  • HC 515: Contemporary Health Issues – 3 Trimester Credits
  • HC 520: Health Coaching I – 3 Trimester Credits