What Students Are Saying

Senta Cassell

Senta Cassell:

“I knew I was hungry for more after completing IIN; enrolling in IHCU was a logical next step for me. I love the credibility that comes with having a Masters Degree. It also brings along confidence when working with clients; confidence is invaluable. It indicates that you have the education you need to best help them.”

Lisa Torres

Lisa Torres:

“IHCU is responsible for opening up a world of possibilities for me. After graduation, I’ve since decided to continue my studies and apply for a doctoral program in Integrative Health at Saybrook University. My new interest in academic writing has also led to rewriting my Capstone project into an informational article which can be shared with the broader wellness community. Very exciting developments and it’s all because of the Master’s program!”

Patty Smith

Patty Smith:

“I love this program!  I am being stretched and learning new tools every day that can help me be a better coach!”

Edna Vanvlient

Edna Vanvliet:

“This experience has been awesome! Within the first few weeks it was like finding my tribe and as we progressed the interactions and course content really reinforced that we, as health coaches, are indeed a critical part of the health and wellness industries future. The incredible expansion of our knowledge and information base has reignited my passion and drive to a whole new level. All I can say is Thank You”.

Wahash Al Sabah

Wahash Al Sabah:

“I love learning with IHCU and how my classmates and I come from different parts of the world.  We are learning from the University and one another!”

Lizza Colon

Lizza Colon:

“Fast intensive program, exhilarating learning, exceptional curriculum, impressive professors’ background experience/credentials,  friendly-respectful student-professor dynamic/interaction!”

Elizabeth Mander:

“I feel connected to my fellow classmates which is refreshing for an online program! The coursework is not easy, but I have fit it into my busy life and am already seeing the benefits. I have gained a confidence boost that makes going into new coaching roles a joy and an adventure. I am thrilled to be a part of a grad program with a fresh point of view. I know that seizing this opportunity will be one of the best choices I have made in my coaching career”.