Founder Message

Joshua Rosenthal

Greetings, and welcome to the International Health Coach University. On behalf of the faculty and academic team, I thank you for choosing us for your continued education and professional development, and for your dedication to the health coaching profession.

In today’s world, we live amidst a healthcare crisis. Lifestyle diseases – obesity, diabetes – continue to rise, paradoxically with hunger and the issue of food shortages. We need a diligent, competent, and capable workforce to overcome these healthcare challenges and provide innovative solutions.


Since coining the term Health Coach, it’s been a goal of mine to continuously pioneer the field through diverse means, including advocacy, rights to practice, and continuing education. Since IHCU was founded in April of 2016, I have been invested in, and passionate about creating strong roots for this school – we will do all that it takes to ensure the best opportunities through career-focused education for our students, while pushing the boundaries of health coaching.


The Master of Science degree in Health Coaching is an important addition to the professionalization of this field, where opportunities exist not only to create an exciting career but also to make a lasting contribution to the healthcare landscape. There is a vibrant community of Health Coaches practicing around the world, demonstrating the global relevance of our work.


To all students and new members of this family, I welcome you and wish you the best of luck in your academic and professional endeavors.


Joshua Rosenthal