How much are books and other materials?

The approximate cost for books and materials is $300. This cost is subject to change based on changes in individual class requirements.

How much is tuition?

The tuition per trimester credit hour is $495. Each trimester you will take approximately two classes which are three credit hours each. There is also a $75 non-refundable application fee. Please visit the tuition and fees page for a full description.

When do I start?

There are three trimesters per year, in the fall, winter, and summer. You can begin the program at the closest start date following the acceptance of your application. Our current program schedule is shown in the IHCU Academic Calendar.

Can I get a student visa?

As a fully online institution, IHCU does not sponsor student visas. Students from all over the world can enroll and study from their own location.

How am I graded?

At International Health Coach University, letter grades (A+, B, C, etc.) are not used. Your official transcript will list each course with the grade as PASS, IP (in progress) or DNP (did not pass) awarded in accordance with each student’s demonstration of the prescribed learning objectives and outcomes of each course as follows:

80-100 – PASS
< 80 – DNP

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) evaluations will occur at the midpoint of the program, the endpoint of the program, and the Maximum Time Frame point (if needed).

Progress Evaluation: Occurs at the conclusion of every three (3) regularly scheduled terms in a student’s enrollment period. At each Progress Evaluation point, the Dean of Students, in collaboration with the Academic team, will review the student to ensure he/she has:

  • satisfactorily completed the minimum number of courses as specified in the table below; and
  • received a pass on all courses which requires an 80% or higher (cumulative GPA not calculated)

Progress Evaluation Period

Minimum Number of Courses Successfully Completed

End of Term 3

2 courses

End of Term 6

4 courses

End of Term 9

6 courses

End of Term 12

8 courses

End of Term 15

10 courses

End of Term 18

12 courses

If these criteria are met, the student is considered to be in good standing. If these criteria are not met, the student will be considered not in good academic standing and making unsatisfactory academic progress. At this point, IHCU will begin the procedure of academic probation.


Warning Period

Students not in good standing will be placed on warning status. A warning notification will be sent to the student via email. The warning status will persist for one evaluation period. During this time, the student should proactively meet with the Dean of Students to develop a plan to make progress toward achieving satisfactory academic progress.

If the student fails to show that he or she is making satisfactory academic advancement at the next progress evaluation point following the warning period, the student will be placed on academic probation. A probation notification will be sent to the student via email.


Probation Period

Academic probation will persist for one evaluation period. During this time, the student should meet with the Dean of Students to develop a plan to make progress toward achieving satisfactory academic progress.

If the student fails to show that he or she is making satisfactory academic advancement at the next progress evaluation point following the probation period, he or she will face academic termination, subject to an appeal. (See below.)


Academic Termination


Students wishing to appeal the unsatisfactory academic progress determination must do so in writing, within ten (10) calendar days of receipt of the email notification of their probation status.

Appeals should be directed to the Academic Dean. If the student is appealing the unsatisfactory progress determination on the basis of mitigating circumstances, appropriate documentation should be included with the written appeal. Such documentation might include a physician’s statement, accident report, or other statements. The Academic Dean will notify the student of the decision within ten (10) days of receiving the student’s appeal. The Academic Dean’s decision is final.

In cases where an appeal is accepted, that student is placed on ‘Probation’ status through the next evaluation period.  The student will meet with the Dean of Students to develop an academic plan that, if followed, will ensure the student meets satisfactory academic progress standards by a specified time, and can return to ‘good standing.’

If a student fails to return to good standing at the end of the probation period and does not successfully appeal that determination, he or she will face academic termination and will be withdrawn from the master’s program at International Health Coach University.

Students will receive notice of academic termination via email, and will no longer be allowed to access the online learning environment.



Students whose enrollment at International Health Coach University is terminated due to academic reasons will be eligible for re-enrollment after a waiting period of six (6) months. 

Will I receive a diploma?

In order to graduate from the International Health Coach University and be awarded a Master of Science degree in Health Coaching with concentration Applied Nutrition, students must:

  1. Complete all required classes, earning a minimum of 18 credit hours at IHCU
  2. Pass the International Association for Health Coaches Certification
  3. Be in academic good standing
  4. Have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0

Once graduation requirements have been verified, the student will be notified via email and the diploma made available.


What are the requirements for enrollment?

The complete admissions requirements can be found here. As part of the admissions process, candidates must submit the following documentation to IHCU:

  • $75 Application fee
  • Current Resume or CV
  • College/University Transcripts
  • Health Coaching Program Transcripts

I can’t find my transcripts. Can I still enroll?

Prospective students must submit a transcript as part of the application. The application will not be considered until all documentation is received. If you cannot find a copy of your transcript, please contact the institution from which you graduated and order a copy of your transcript.

Can I receive credit for other college or university classes that I completed?

International Health Coach University sees value in prior learning that students have completed. However, when a student completes a class at one institution, it is important to know how this study relates to a class offered at another institution. This information is especially useful when the student wishes to transfer credits from one institution to another. Transferring credits between graduate schools is rare and extremely limited. The credit system makes it possible to make such comparisons.

The acceptance of transfer credits between institutions lies within the discretion of the receiving institution. Credits earned at other institutions may or may not be accepted by International Health Coach University.

Likewise, credits earned at International Health Coach University may or may not be accepted by another institution depending upon its programs, policies, and regulations.

Transfer credits will be evaluated using the following guidelines:

  • Only credits earned at an institution that is accredited by an agency recognized by the United States Secretary of Education and/or the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA), or an accepted foreign equivalent that is listed in the International Handbook of Universities will be considered. Any credits earned at a non United States institution must have a credential evaluation completed indicating equivalency with IHCU courses.
  • Additionally, by articulation agreement, completion of the Health Coach Training Program (HCTP) at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition will be accepted for 12 credits provided the student validates learning through successful completion of the International Association of Health Coaches certification exam.
  • An official transcript of the student’s classwork must be furnished directly by the institution where the classwork was completed before any application for transfer credits can be evaluated.
  • A copy of the catalog or class syllabi from the institution at which the classwork was completed, at the time that the classwork was completed, must be furnished before any application for transfer credits can be evaluated.
  • A minimum grade of “B,” “80%,” or “3.0” must have been awarded for each class completed to be eligible for transfer. Only classes in which grades were assigned will be considered. No credits earned as a result of a “pass/fail” option are eligible for transfer.
  • Classwork completed more than three years ago is not eligible for transfer of credit without external validation of current knowledge.
  • Transfer of academic credit must be completed prior to enrollment. Securing an official transcript in a timely manner is the sole responsibility of the student.
  • The Chief Academic Officer shall make final determination on the acceptability of transfer credits. The above guidelines shall be used in evaluating all applications for transfer of credit; however, the institution reserves the right to accept or reject any or all transfer credits at its discretion.

The maximum number of credits that can be transferred into the Master of Science degree in Health Coaching with concentration in Applied Nutrition is eighteen credits or up to 50% of the total program credits. While 50% is possible it is unlikely and receiving 18 credits in transfer would represent an exceptional set of circumstances.

Students wishing to receive credit for courses taken at other institutions will need to provide all required document as part of the application process.

Can I transfer IHCU credits to another college or university?

The acceptance of credit is always up to the receiving institution. Please contact the institution into which you would like to transfer credits earned at IHCU for their policy.

How do I apply for enrollment?

IHCU encourages all interested and qualified individuals to submit an application for consideration. Your application and all required documentation is submitted entirely online. Information for creating an IHCU account and how to submit the application form can be found here.

Technical Requirements

What do I need in order to take the online program, and what are the system requirements?

At International Health Coach University, electronic communication is the preferred medium for students, faculty and staff. In order to take advantage of this technology, it is required that learners, faculty and staff acquire and maintain email access with the capability to send and receive attached files.

In order to navigate the Internet, it is recommended that the latest version of one of the following browsers be used:

  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome

International Health Coach University also provides documents that can be accessed using Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is available without cost to students at adobe.com.

International Health Coach University strives to prevent the spread of computer viruses by employing the latest virus detection software on all university-owned computer systems; however, IHCU makes no guarantee related to the unintentional propagation of computer viruses that may go undetected by our virus detection software.

IHCU will not be held liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential or punitive damages of any kind, including but not limited to; loss of data, file corruption, or hardware failure, resulting from the effect of any malicious code or computer virus unintentionally transmitted by university staff members, faculty, students or affiliates.

IHCU strongly recommends and urges all faculty and students to seek out and install adequate virus detection software and to routinely check for, and install the most recent updates to their anti-virus software no less frequently than once each month, for their particular computer and operating system.

Technical Specifications and Instructions
In general, students will access class materials using a computer, a modern web browser, and a high speed internet connection.

Specific classes may have additional technology requirements as specified in individual class syllabi.

Can this program be taken on a Mac?

Yes, all elements of the classes are available to Mac users.

Can I take the classes on my tablet or iPad?

No. While students may be able to complete portions of the classes on an iPad or tablet, a computer (desktop or laptop) is required to complete the entire program.

How do I access my classes? When do I go to class?

Once your application is accepted and you have completed your enrollment agreement, you will be given credentials and instructions for logging into your portal. All curriculum is provided entirely online, allowing you to study at a time and place that fits your schedule.

There are no required class times. And since all classes are virtual, there are no physical classrooms.